What is the OpenMMORPG Project?

The Open MMORPG Project (or OMMORPG) is using DarkBasic Professional to create a multiplayer roleplaying game. This is an open source project, worked on by volunteers who submit work under the GPL (General Public Licence). We have several aims:

Who are we?

We are an assortment of programmers, artists, musicians, and writers of all ages who decided that it would be a good idea to learn how to make a full sized videogame.  Originally drawn from the ranks of coders over at TheGameCreators.com forums, the Open MMORPG has expanded well beyond its roots, with media provided free for use in any open source project.  

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in helping out, come down to our forums, which is where most of the project's activity happens.  Just make an account and introduce yourself and your account should be validated quickly.

We encourage anyone to stop by and help out, although we always have need for Darkbasic Professional programmers, 3D Modelers, Texture Artists, and Animators.  

How do I get a copy?

Currently, you have two choices.  The first is to download the current version from our Subversion repository.  The second is to download our Phase One Demo archive hosted at Sourceforge

Where Do I Get More Information?

You should definitely check out the Forums, since that is our central hub.  However, you may also take a look at our FAQ and current Game Design Document (when we've finished it).  You may even decide to swing through our IRC channel on irc.devhat.net and talk with some of the folks in there.  Links to the Forums, FAQ, and IRC Channel may be found to the left. 

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